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Recipes for Octopus

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Video Recipes for Octopus from Sea-Ex

Nutritional Information
For every 100 grams raw product
for Octopus.

Kilojoules 328 (78 calories)
Cholesterol 104 mg
Sodium 285 mg
Total fat (oil) 1.0 g
Saturated fat 42% of total fat
Monounsaturated fat 7% of total fat
Polyunsaturated fat 51% of total fat
Omega-3, EPA 71 mg
Omega-3, DHA 289 mg
Omega-6, AA 16 mg
whole octopus


cleaned baby octopus, octopus flowers

Baby Octopus








Calamari Toasts - Calamari rings with white wine, rosemary, canellini beans and olive oil served on toasted sourdough bread.





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