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Recipes for Fresh Salmon

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Nutritional Information
For every 100 grams
of Atlantic Salmon fillet,
Skinless, Boneless.

  Energy 200.00 Kcal   
  Proteins 18.90 % 
  Fat 13.60 % 
  Fiber Nsd  
  Sodium 50.00 mg 
Iron 1.00 mg 
  Calcium 4.00 mg 
  Cholesterol 0.05 % 

Nutritional Information
For every 100 grams.
of Coho Salmon fillet,
Skinless, Boneless.

  Energy 185.00 Kcal 
  Proteins 20.00 % 
  Fat 11.60 % 
  Fiber Nsd  
  Sodium 93.00 mg 
Iron 0.70 mg 
  Calcium 5.00 mg 
  Cholesterol 0.10 % 



Atlantic Salmon - This is a cold water fish, which is high in Omega 3.  The flesh is firm and tasty.  It is suitable for grilling (broiling), Barbeques, pan frying, baking and stir fries, as well as sashimi.


Grilled Whole Fresh Salmon - Whole fresh salmon, olive oil, parsley, lemons.


Barbequed Fresh Salmon - Whole fresh salmon, brown sugar, honey, liquid smoke, vinegar



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