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How to Cook Oysters Kilpatrick that is to Die For!

Very popular around the world, Oysters Kilpatrick is so famous itís almost a separate food group! You will be able to make it as good as anyone by following this simple version of the legendary dish.

24 Fresh Oysters on the shell
4 Rashers of Bacon (fat edge trimmed off ideally)
1 small to medium onion
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
Sea Salt
Ground Black Pepper

Slightly cook the bacon in a pan with some olive oil; you want it cooked but not crispy as we are grilling later. Remove the bacon and let cool down, and then finely chop. Take the onion and dice into small pieces.

Arrange a shallow baking tray or dish and place your 24 oysters into it. Then sprinkle your diced bacon and onion with a small splash of Worcestershire sauce to each of the oysters. There is no need to drown the oysters with sauce as they have plenty of their own natural flavour. You can further sprinkle with some sea salt and ground black pepper to finish off.

Place the prepped oysters in tray under a grill on the stove, and allow to slowly cook under a medium to high heat for approximately 6-7 minutes. All we are trying to achieve here is to be warming up the oysters and this should allow our pre-cooked bacon to go crispy at the same time. A lot of recipes you may have read previously ask for the raw bacon to be placed over the oysters and then grill, but I find that whilst you are attempting to get the bacon nice and crispy this way, we tend to overcook the oyster itself.

If you want to get a little fancier and have the presentation of a restaurant, you can lay your oysters onto a bed of rock salt prior to grilling. If you wish to do this, a good tip to save money is actually buying a bag of swimming pool salt from one of your local grocery stores.

Serve hot, being mindful not to grab the hot oyster shells. Add some lemon wedges.

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