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Recipes & Information on How To Cook Fish & Seafood

coral trout, trout recipes, reef fish recipes, cooking coral trout
We have compiled a huge selection of recipes for seafood including recipes for prawns or shrimp, shellfish, crab, Squid, cuttlefish, octopus, lobster, crayfish, abalone and more....

Also featured are photographic step by step instructions on preparing seafood including filleting fish, de-veining prawns, bearding mussels and opening oysters.

Want to know about the seafood and fish products? We have included information on nutritional data for fish, how to safely store your seafood, how to tell if your seafood is fresh.

Each week we will feature our "Fish of the Week", giving you some amazing insight into the seafood from where and how it is caught, photos, health benefits, preparing it and of course, some delicious recipes for you to try.

Steve Starling - how to clean and gut a fish. Preparing your catch for the grill.
How To Cook: Learn to Prep Your Catch For the Grill
You've caught a fish! Now What? This is some great information from Steve Starling on how to prepare your catch - how to clean and gut your fish. Read More



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= Very Difficult

What's New?

how to cook shrimp on the barbeque, bbq shrimpHow to Cook Shrimp on the Barbeque Grill to Perfection!!
Preheat your bbq grill or hot plate, gas or coals, to a medium heat. Put a light coat of oil onto your grill or hot plate in readiness for the skewered shrimp... Read More


abalone, how to soften abaloneHow to Soften Dried Abalone
Bring some mineral water to a boil in a saucepan then add the dried abalone. Let it come to a boil again...... Read More


How to Buy Fresh Fish The Basics That You Must Know First
Whether purchasing fish for a celebration of sorts or just for the love of fish, getting it right the first time before sitting down and enjoying the great tastes fish has to offer is critical and can save you a lot of lost money, time, heartache and can even prevent potential health issues. So where are we best to buy from?    Read More


cook and clean live crabsHow to Clean and Cook Live Crabs
So you've caught some crabs or brought live crabs from the fishmonger and now got them home. You'll need to think about cleaning your crab first before making some of those delicious crab recipes you've been reading about. Read More





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